Knife & Scissor Sharpening Services

Valley Cheese and Wine now offers Hand Knife Sharpening for your Culinary Knives
Why Sharpen By Hand?
  • We use Shapton ceramic sharpening stones from Japan to take off less material and preserve the temper of your knives.
  • This means sharper blades that last longer and that don’t have to be sharpened as frequently.
  • It’s much easier to cut through food, which means less fatigue from cooking.
  • It also means your food actually looks and tastes better because a sharp knife creates less cell damage during slicing or chopping.
  • Manual knife sharpening is particularly important for professional chefs and conscientious home chefs who have their favorite knives they use all the time.
  • Using grinders on your precious knives grinds away to much metal and requires more frequent sharpening to keep an edge and ruins a knife’s temper.
What is a knife’s “temper”?
  • When a blade is being made the knife maker heats and cools the steel repeatedly to achieve the proper crystal structure of the metal. This determines the hardness, durability, and longevity of the blade.
  • Steel is quite brittle. The blade must be tempered, which is a process of re-heating and slow cooling of the blade to relieve the stress in the blade.
  • Using grinders to sharpen your knives heats the metal, which changes and de-tempers the blade. This means it becomes softer and loses its ability to hold an edge like the knife maker intended.
Why hand sharpening is superior to other knife sharpening methods other knife sharpening methods include:
  • Grinding wheel or belt grinders: These grinds way too much material off knives. It also creates heat buildup, which can ruin the temper of the blade.
  • Electric knife sharpeners: Most of these grind away too much material and are at a set angle.
  • Manual pull-through sharpeners: These are okay for touch-up work on knives that are already sharp, but are not adequate substitutes for complete hand sharpening.
  • Hand sharpening has minimal material loss and no heat buildup, so it won’t ruin the temper of the blade.
  • Knives under 6” $6.00
  • Knives over 6” $8.00

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